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What is Graphic Design? 8 Types You Have To Know

8 Types of Graphic Design

Good graphic design makes everything perfect unless you don’t know the types of graphic designs. Some of us don’t know what’s the difference and where to use them. And if you are the one who still doesn’t know or maybe confused regarding what is graphic designing, this article is for you.

Write the keyword “graphic design” on Google, you will find millions of the most top-ranked design services companies in the top. If you want to design your company brochures, who would be the one professional you are looking for in this field.

As it is a vast area, there is a high chance you will meet individuals who specialize in specific types of design. Before diving into types of graphic design, first, let’s discuss what graphic design is and why it is the most important role in business.

What is Graphic Design?

The combination of text and art to visualize in the form of pictures mainly in books, magazines, advertisements, etc. is graphic design. It is the form of communication that makes interaction intuitive at the same time. For example, delivering a boring business presentation makes everyone sleepy, but what about if the colours would be added. 

One more example that suits today’s market situation is to build your brand unique by playing with colours and images. Most of the businesses shifted online and there is a heavy need for websites. The business owner wants to build an exceptional website that makes the visitor stay on it. So what’s the big deal?

If you choose the best user interface designer, you can create the world’s best website to showcase your product. The blend of colours, text, theme, placements, etc. matters a lot!

what is graphic design

8 Types of Graphic Design For your Understandings

You will learn about different types of graphic design but there is not any restriction for designers in terms of learning. Many of the designers opt for specialization in specific areas and others focus on different skill sets in all types. The needs of the industry are now changing rapidly. Designers must be versatile and persistent learners to alter or add expertise during their careers.

No matter if you are a designer or finding a graphic design company in the UK, you should understand the 8 types of graphic design to choose the right fit for the job.

Visual identity graphic design

If you are paying attention to the buzzword “visual identity”, your mind will click right away. Yes, in this type of graphic design, you can create your business face for unique identification. It can help your viewers to be remembered lifelong.

Moreover, those designers who are experts in visual identity designs are much focused on company values. Also, they target new startups to collaborate with them and build their branding assets. For example, custom logo design, typography, colour scheme, product images, etc.

Furthermore, they create a brand personality by designing stationeries, business cards, envelopes, to set the style guide for specific brands. These style guides stay longer by providing consistency in the long run and you can use them on different platforms.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic design

For today, as many of the businesses are running online, the marketers are more concerned about the marketing campaigns. They put their effort from content to high-resolution animated videos and images. It is not wrong if I say a marketer has leverage to build their brand drastically.

Great marketing always wins. But it should be engaging, attractive and creative and here is the point when the graphic design will help. Creating marketing posters to high-quality 3D advertising, all need a focus and strategy to work on

80% of digital marketers use graphic design in social media marketing

There are more different business-related designs. It helps them to engage their audience such as Postcards and flyers, Magazine and newspaper ads, Posters, Brochures (print and digital), Vehicle wraps, Signage and trade show displays. etc. Email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations, or other required assets are also included in this list.

User Interface Graphic Designer


User interfaces usually define the interaction of the end-users when they interact with the website, mobile application or web application. It is basically the display of applications that define how it works and what features they have, etc.

In addition, UI designers play a vital role to make the application easy to use and a user-friendly experience. UI design is all focused on the visual of user experience and the on-screen visibility including buttons, micro-interaction, content placement, etc.

User interface helps in making website landing pages, mobile design, web app design or game interface.

They must be familiar with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to graphical programmes.

Publication Graphic Design

Have you seen fashion or food magazines, you will be amazed after seeing the visual quality. Publication graphic is mainly used in print media such as newspaper, magazine, catalogue, books, etc.

But now, it is more than print media because digital media is more in-demand. So, here digital publishing with exclusive design comes to life.

For example, eBook is one of the top-most examples of digital publication. Publication design helps in setting out layouts, colours, themes, with perfectly blended typography. Publication designers must have a good command of colour management, printing, and the publishing process.

Packaging Graphic Design

Many top leading companies are selling their products with cool packaging such as Starbucks. It helps to boost company values and no doubt fine packaging always attracts the customers and convinces them to buy more.

Packaging design plays a vital role to present brand value on each asset even in bottles, containers, wrappers, boxes, etc. You need an expert and professional designer or hire a graphic design company to hand over the packaging seining project. Since they need a high understanding of industrial and manufacturing design, they must have knowledge of marketing trends.

Motion Graphic Design

motion graphic

Motion graphics, simply described, are images that move. Animation, music, typography, graphics, video, and other effects used in internet media, television, and cinema all fall under this category. As technology developed and video material became king, the medium’s appeal increased in recent years.

“Motion graphics designer” is a relatively recent design speciality. Previously limited to television and cinema, technology advancements have shortened production times and decreased expenses, allowing the art form more approachable and inexpensive. Motion graphics is now one of the newest styles of design, and it can be found on all digital platforms, opening up a slew of new possibilities.

GIFs, Ads, title sequence and end credits, trailers, presentations, websites, apps, video games, promotional videos, etc are a few examples of motion graphics.

Environmental Graphic Design

People are visually connected to places through environmental graphic design, which improves their entire experience by making areas more memorable, entertaining, educational, or simpler to navigate.

Environmental design encompasses a wide range of disciplines; here are a few examples: Signage, Museum exhibitions, Wall murals, Stadium branding, Event and conference spaces, Office branding, Retail store interiors, Public transportation navigation, etc.

Graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design are all incorporated into environmental graphic design. Designers create and implement their concepts in collaboration with professionals from a variety of industries.

As a result, most designers have studied and worked in both designs and architecture. They must understand industrial design ideas and be able to interpret and draft architectural blueprints.

Art and illustration for graphic design

Graphic art and illustration are sometimes confused with graphic design, but they are extremely distinct. Graphic artists and illustrators create creative artwork, whereas designers develop compositions to convey and solve issues. Fine art, decorating, and narrative images are all examples of their work.

Despite the fact that graphic art and illustration are not strictly forms of graphic design, there is so much developed for commercial purposes within the context of graphic design that you can’t talk about one without the other.

T-shirt design, Graphic patterns for textiles, Motion graphics, Stock Images, novels, Video games, Websites, Comic books, Album art, Book covers, Picture books, Infographics, Technical illustration, Concept art, are a few of the examples.

In the End

Since designing is a massive area that’s why this excessive knowledge about graphic design and its type is not enough. You need to have further detailed knowledge or consultation if you want to get the right direction in building your brand personality. At iCreativeSOL, you can meet professionals and experts in all types of designers and get your job done with maximum satisfaction. Let’s start today with the best graphic design company in the UK!




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